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Sourcing Agent in China

In China, sourcing agents' roles have developed over time.

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Affhan takes care of your end-to-end warehousing and distribution logistics,
from our strategic network of storage facilities.

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Sourcing Agent in China

Meet lives transformed by new dimensions of possibility.
The impossible is a choice for Affhan

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Affhan Services

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is the planning and coordinating of the movement of
commodities across international borders, on behalf of shippers.

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Affhan Services

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is the demonstration of taking products through the traditions position
to work with the development of freight into a nation (import) and outside the nation (send out).

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Virtual Reality (VR)

From maximizing learning to providing on-site actual experiences,
there is a lot that Virtual Reality can do for your business.

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AFFHAN GLOBAL SOURCING AGENT 中国采购代理 – The Premier Manufacturing & Product Sourcing Agency

If you are looking for a trusted Sourcing Agent in China 中国采购代理, look no further than AFFHAN GLOBAL SOURCING AGENT . We are a leading product development and sourcing company across the Globe.

We provide clients with unique all-inclusive services including product development and sourcing in particular country, quality control, and logistics & shipping assistance.

We Are Your All-In-One Sourcing Agency All Over The World

AFFHAN GROUPS is your one-stop product sourcing solution center. We have total transparency in our sourcing services to ensure that our clients get the best price, top quality, and timely delivery of products sourced in all parts of overseas end.

Enjoy customized product engineering and sourcing services finding out best product from particular selected county suited to your unique needs and expectations.

When Affhan Promises,
Affhan Delivers



Get in touch with our team, and we can discuss your product specs, timeline and quantity.


Our team will prepare a quote for you after discussing your product specs with our network of factories.

Confirm Order/Design

Depending on your order, it may require a custom design. Approval is required before sampling and production.


Once you're happy with your quote and design, a deposit is made to commence your order.


Most production varies between 3-5 weeks.

Quality Control

Nearing the end of the production, a member of our team will do a full QC report to ensure the order is to spec and initial sampling.

Balance Payment

Once you're happy with the production results, the balance payment is required to ship your order.

Shipping & Storage

Orders are shipped via sea or air cargo. We also have a warehouse to consolidate with any orders.

Delivery at door steps

After the consignment reach the port, we will clear the Goods and send to the given destination at door steps in prompt safety mode.

What Makes Us Different?

By partnering with us you get access to top sourcing agents in China 中国采购代理 ; quality manufacturers in China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai suppliers from all over the world; buying Agents in China.

We're a leading sourcing company because of our unmatched ability to deliver high-value results to our clients. Our team work on the ground and around the clock to ensure efficiency throughout all our operations so that the ongoing communication with your suppliers and manufacturers obtains the best possible outcome for you. Our job isn't complete once we've delivered your order – we're always available for support after hours.
Our competitive pricing means you'll achieve better savings with us compared to other international services. Due to our long-term relationships around the globe and regular buying volumes, our team can strongly negotiate pricing with suppliers to obtain the best possible price and outcome for you.
We only work with handpicked, ethically-accredited and certified manufacturing partners in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. All our suppliers are carefully selected and monitored for their compliance with modern slavery legislation. We have a robust Ethical Sourcing Policy which we can provide you on request. Quality product is our key, and all our Quality Control inspectors work closely with staff in the Guangzhou head office.
We take pride in being the one-stop-shop for all your sourcing needs in Asia-Pacific. We have a 'first-to-market' approach, with a factory-direct overseas supply chain and in-house production, warehousing and graphic design teams. All of these groups work in sync, giving you exceptional end-to-end service.
You won't have to worry about having conversations in broken English with us. Our native speakers on the ground in China and our Australian offices will make sure you don't learn mistakes the hard way through miscommunication caused by language barriers.


Branches in Major Country


Employees all over the world


Kilometers Per Year

Our Quality of Services
Consulting Experts

AFFHAN - Best China Sourcing Agent Company in various part of the world!